[Advanced] Oreo Cookie Cake

Create America's favorite cookie. The Oreo cookie cake that is so realistic you will be ready to dip it in a glass of cold milk!

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Learn How to Make an Oreo Cake

In this class you will learn how to create a realistic Oreo cake! You will learn how to bake, build, ganache and add fondant to create a larger than life Oreo Cake.

This class has six lessons that breakdown every step from baking the cake to using fondant to create realistic details and texture.

In this class you will learn:

Lesson 1 – Baking Cakes and Mixing the Buttercream and Ganache

  • Bake moist and delicious chocolate cake.
  • Make an Oreo Buttercream using actual Oreo pieces.
  • Make a chocolate ganache that will harden to create a shell to support your cake.

Lesson 2 – Building and Shaping the Oreo with Cake

  • Stack your cakes with an Oreo Buttercream center.
  • Create the shape of an Oreo cookie by carving the cake.

Lesson 3 – Ganaching the Oreo Cake

  • Use ganache to sculpt the shape of the Oreo and create a hard shell to secure your cake.

Lesson 4 - Adding Fondant to the Oreo Cake

  • Mix the perfect Oreo cookie color in fondant.
  • Roll out fondant evenly and apply it to the cake.
  • Create texture on fondant to bring you Oreo cookie to life.

Lesson 5 – Creating the templates

  • Create a template for the top your Oreo cake to use as a guide when adding the final details.
  • Trace and cut out templates for the top details of your Oreo Cake.

Lesson 6- Cutting and Adding the Details to the Oreo cake

  • Use your templates to cut out the small details for the top of the Oreo cake.
  • Apply the fondant details to the cake.
  • Learn how to use color dust to creating shading on your Oreo to bring it to life!

Your Instructor

Melissa Alt
Melissa Alt

Melissa's passion for creating cakes began early on when she was just a teen. She would watch cake shows on TV and thought, "I want to try that!". Instantly she spent all of her free time reading books and searching the web to learn anything she could about cake decorating. She was always an artist, working with paint, clay and fashion design, but when she discovered the art of cake, it became her all time favorite medium to work with.

In 2010, Melissa landed an internship with the Cake Boss, where she learnt the fundamentals of cake decoration. While attending college at Pratt Institute, Melissa studied painting and sculpture; incorporating edible materials into any project she could. After college Melissa turned her passion for cakes into a career, launching Melissa Alt Cakes in 2015.

Since the start of her business Melissa's cakes have been featured in numerous magazines and reached international recognition. She's created cakes for Google, Time Out NYC and Harper’s Bazaar. She won the award for Best Show Cake at the 2017 NY Cake Show. In the spring/summer of 2018 Melissa worked as the Culinary producer for Reality Bites Cupcakes on Food Network. Melissa is also the exclusive cake decorator for Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC.

Melissa's cakes are her art. She strives to create one of a kind artistic creations that form an experience of joy and beauty. When she is not making cakes you can find Melissa cuddling her dog, camping, watching a horror movie or drinking delicious IPA on a rooftop. She is constantly inspired by her surrounding environments and adventures. Each cake Melissa makes is an expression of herself. Extreme passion, dedication and numerous hours are put into every piece of work Melissa creates. Her favorite moment is when the creation is cut and her art becomes delicious cake!

To Melissa there is nothing she loves more than the art of cake and being able to share it with the world :)

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